Audio Confections of the Apes of God, Jason Gibbs and the Oracular Laboratory

Apes of God

Keating 5 (1991) 4,372 K
The adventures of Charles H. Keating and five Senators from California, Ohio, Arizona and Michigan.
Gilbert Marhoefer - Mr. Keating, Phoenetian salesman, sympathetic senator / Jason Gibbs - electronics, bassoon, Greek chorus / Margaret Wyatt - Mr. Keating's secretary
The Closer (1991)
Gilbert Marhoefer - voice / Jason Gibbs - electronics
The Tell-Thought Stone (1992) 828 K
Gilbert Marhoefer - voice / Jason Gibbs - flutes, bassoons, electronic percussion

Jason Gibbs and Steve Knopoff

Music in American Life - Theory and Critique (1987) 3,745 K
Gibbs and Knopoff, phonorecords, tape loops, electronic manipulation
Practical Bend (1987)
Jason Gibbs - bassoon / Steve Knopoff - trombone
The Seven Steps (1988)
Jason Gibbs / Steve Knopoff
Solo Radio (1988)
Jason Gibbs / Steve Knopoff - bassoon, trombone, electronics, tapes
Red and Yellow (1988)
Great Oldies (1988)
It Came From Germany (1988)

Jason Gibbs

In Campo Aperto (1995) 1,695 K
bassoons, phonodiscs, electronics
Bassoon Improvisation in the Nevada Desert (1993)
Hymn to the Night (1990)
A Place the World Can't Reach (1991) 797 K
Moment (1992) 1,341 K
The Owl of Minerva for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, bass, and percussion (1988)
University of Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Kypros Markou, conductor
Thoughts Have Wings (1995) 1,787 K
Maria Isaacs - solo bassoon
Vernal Bowers (1993) 1,277 K
Submarine Weather (1993) 950 K
electronics, clarinet, trombone
Duet and Dialogue in the Age of Mantovani (1988) 6,683 K
Shadow of the Other Side (1991)
Mr. Pink Thread (1991)
Flare (1994)
What Might Suffer (1993)
bassoon, clarinets